Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi 4

By Angela Wu

Pi Pi is an adventurous and mischievous boy who is always getting into all sorts of situations and causing trouble for his parents and teachers.To keep him company, his scientist father created An Ji, a robot dog for him. And thus begins the adventures of Pi Pi, together with An Ji who has many tricks up his sleeves. While enjoying these adventures, young readers will learn new vocabularies and common sentence structures, thus building their Chinese language proficiency. With every adventure comes a life lesson for Pi Pi, and students will benefit from these lessons too. There are 5 titles in the Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi series. Lesson plans and audio recordings are provided. Features: Chinese-English vocabulary list, Vocabularies grouped by theme or function, and sentence structures used in the book are highlighted for learning convenience. 主人翁皮皮是一个典型的小男生,顽皮好动的他常常闯祸,惹父母和老师生气。他的科学家爸爸为他制造了一只机器狗—安吉,让能飞能跳、也能变出很多法宝的安吉陪着皮皮一起学习,一起成长。《皮皮系列丛书》通过有趣的故事情节吸引小朋友阅读,也让他们在阅读中学习新词汇和句式。皮皮每次闯祸或遇到困难时,都会学习到一些做人的道理,小朋友也会从中获益。《皮皮系列丛书》共有5册。本系列也提供教案和录音。本书特色:书末附中英小词典,方便小朋友学习。书末突出书中用到的词汇和句式,方便家长和老师指导小朋友。
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