5 Fail-Proof Tips To Raise A Happy Reader

Expose your little one to the exciting world of books and start nurturing their love for reading that can last a lifetime. Raising a happy reader does take commitment and planning, along with a sprinkle of patience and persistence.

With that in mind, teaching your child how to read should still be an enjoyable journey. Here are 5 tips and tricks every smart parent should know:

1. Let them choose their own books

The library is a magical place - make more excursions to the nearby library for a start. Inhaling the musky smell of books can help fill your little one with a sense of wonder and adventure and gradually build their desire to read.

It might be a bit daunting at first with lots of options to choose from, but you can help to streamline the selections but visiting a different section of the library every week so your toddler can pick out their favourite genres.

Alternatively, make a visit to the bookstore as exciting as one to the toy store. Most bookstores have a reading corner for children to browse and read, so they can simply pick out what they want and do some silent reading.

2. Make reading a routine

Set aside half an hour every night for some leisure reading before lights out. Reading a bedtime story is a good way to spend some quality time with your young reader and bond over storybook adventures. 

Even after your kid learns how to read on their own, continue reading to them. By hearing the rhythm of the language, your young one can benefit from learning the correct pronunciation too. Read books that you both love, and your enthusiasm and consistency will eventually pay off.

3. Stock up on your child’s personal library

Children are naturally curious in nature and will play with whatever is close at hand. Build a personal library for your tot and spark their love for reading by providing plenty of options. Be it borrowed books from the library, hand-me-downs or purchased books, having piles of books around can pique your toddler’s interest. If you’re not quite sure where to start, you can check out some interesting new arrivals for inspiration.

Have these books clearly on display in your home on bookshelves that are within your child’s peripheral vision - this will serve as a constant reminder for them to read or pick one up and get you to read to them.

4. Make it fun

Reading should be a fun activity and not a chore.

Don’t make it mandatory for your kid to read a certain genre. Start with letting them read whatever they like, whenever they want to. After all, reading is a habit and the key is to help your tot get into this routine.

Keep your little one engaged by keeping the reading experience an interactive one. A great way to do so is to get toys that are related to the book you’re reading, to facilitate your child’s understanding of the story. Although it might seem like they’re not paying attention at times, you’ll be amazed how much more they can absorb when their storybook adventures come to life.

5. Remain patient and persistent

Building a love for reading doesn’t just happen overnight - it might take ages but be patient and persist. Don’t rush your little one - pressuring them to learn how to read by a certain age is a huge no-no and only serves to create unnecessary stress. Refrain from comparing them with other children too and let them enjoy reading at their own pace.


With these handy tips, make every reading session with your kid an entertaining one. It is never too early to expose your child to the magical world of books, and if they see that you genuinely enjoy reading, it will come naturally to them as well when they follow your example.

Recommended reads to start with:

All About The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

My Fairytale Time: 3 Billy Goats Gruff by Miles Kelly

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Fairy Tale by Peppa Pig

Princess Time: Sleeping Beauty by Miles Kelly

Baby Shark by John John Bajet