9 Cool Gifts That Dad Will Actually Use + Giveaway

Unlike Moms, Dads tend to be a bit less vocal. He’s usually the one who secretly stashes money into your wallet, the one who cheers you on silently, and the one who’s always there for all your major milestones.

Dad might say he’s easygoing, but you know that when it comes to his Father’s Day gift, it has to be something good to gain his nod of approval. Here are some gift ideas that will fit any budget, no matter what kind of Dad he is:


The Kid at Heart

The Kid At Heart

Featured products: Star Wars Starfighter Workshop, Marvel Encyclopedia,
The World of Ice & Fire


If Dad’s the overgrown kid, indulge him a little and watch as his eyes light up when you present him with the perfect gifts. Let the Star Wars fan in him build his very own X-Wing and Tie Fighter models with the Star Wars Starfighter Workshop, or have some bonding time with him as both of you attempt to build them together.

Dad might be the superhero in your life, but he’s actually secretly coveting some of Marvel’s superpowers. You might not be able to grant him his wish, but an encyclopedia on his favourite characters will surely resonate with him.

The final Game of Thrones series has come to an end, but prepare Dad for the upcoming Winter with the bestselling The World of Ice & Fire for him to reminisce about his favourite GoT moments.


The Book Nerd

 Featured products: The Ministry of Truth, Don’t Unplug, Seven Hundred Years


For the well read Dad, nothing would delight him more than a new addition to his bookshelf. From biographies to personal development books, there’s surely something that will tickle his fancy.

If Dad’s quite the history buff, let him commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial with mind-blowing facts he can show off to his friends.


The Frequent Traveller  

Featured products: Luxe Guides, Sliding Adaptor, Travel Accessories


The busy Dad has 101 commitments and is always jet setting around. Make his life easier with handy travel guidebooks for a quick crash course of the places he’s visiting on his business trips, and let him travel in style with an insta-worthy TSA-approved luggage that’s scratch resistant and delivers on all fronts.

Don’t forget the lifesaving world travel adapter that fits most plugs, so he can travel around in ease and keep his devices charged.

For the audiophile Dad who can’t live without music, impress him with a retro-looking Muzen Crimson Lavender Metal bluetooth speaker that will allow him to blast his favourite playlists sans any sound distortion.


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No matter what, Dad loves you in his own ways and it’s time to show gratitude to Dad on his big day. Dads aren’t exactly the easiest people to shop for, but this nifty guide will ensure that the money (and gesture) is well appreciated.

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Happy Father’s Day!