New Book Releases For The Whole Family

Feed on these thought-provoking books that nourish your mind.

As Spring brings new beginnings, it’s time to give your bookshelf a revamp by adding new books that provide a dose of inspiration and insights for readers of all ages to indulge in.

Here are some of our best picks to cosy up with.

Toddlers (1 - 3 years old)


  1. Flip-Flap Friends: Fancy Dress
    Spark your little one's imagination and storytelling skills through an engaging mix-and-match style to create fancy dress costumes. With 72 possible combinations, your toddler will definitely return for more flip-flap fun on this interactive board book.

  2. I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!Develop your child's art of self-expression through the tales of a creative boy who floods his world with colours. The vibrant illustrations and the protagonist's mischief will command your kid's attention, along with rhymes that invite audience participation.
  3. Oi Frog!  
    Build your kid’s phonetic awareness through a funny rhyming story that will delight the youngest of readers. Featuring the silliest of animals including cats that sit on mats, mules that sit on stools and hares that sit on chairs, there is also a frog that does not want to sit on a log. Jam packed with animals and their amusing antics, don’t be surprised to see your tot breaking into fits of laughter.

Young Readers (Ages 3 and up)

  1. Big Nate: Payback Time!
    A light-hearted, relatable graphic novel for your tot covering everyday occurrences such as assignments, crushes and detentions. Vocabulary learning made fun through the hilarious tales of Big Nate, who will surely make your young one laugh out loud with his misbehaviour.
  1. Horrid Henry - Up, Up And Away

Grow a sense of humour through the hilarious character of Horrid Henry and follow him on his adventures. One of the best-loved characters in children's fiction, Horrid Henry is back cheekier than ever as he gets up to no good from wreaking havoc on an airplane to sabotaging the school play.

  1. Little Miss Inventor's Experiments
    Let your little one discover science the fun way with Little Miss Inventor and her friends, with some great experiments you can carry out at home. Bring science to life for them with lots of colourful stickers and activities to make science more exciting.

Teens (Ages 13 - 19)

  1. Field Notes On Love
    Unlike your typical girl-meets-boy book, this novel explores the themes of friendship, love and learning how to deal with the curve balls that life throws you. Protagonists Hugo and Mae have just hit a life slump and needed something to escape reality. The two strangers cross paths and decide on a convenient arrangement of a cross-country train trip across America, although one with a complete stranger might not seem like the best idea. Little did they know that this life-changing journey would evolve into something else...
  2. Girl, Stop Apologizing
    Take cues from author Rachel Hollis, a woman who has turned her dreams into reality. Women have always been assigned gender-specific roles even in today's society and through her writing, Rachel hopes that women can attain what they want and who they are. This motivational read reinforces self-love and encourages girls and women to be unapologetically themselves - an especially helpful book for teenage girls with anxiety and afraid of falling short of perfection.
  3. Waiting For Bojangles
    A charming tale with quirky characters, this bestseller touches on the topic of mental illness and how a family grapples with the condition by overcoming it with love. A young boy who lives with his eccentric parents find themselves having to adapt when his mother descends into mental illness. Eventually, the family learnt how to give and take and tries their utmost to keep the mother safe - and when that fails, happy.


Young Adults

  1. How Proust Can Change Your Life

In an unlikely combination of two genres of literary biography and self-help manual, sink your teeth into a hilarious yet unexpectedly practical read. Take a leaf out of French novelist Marcel Proust's book, as his work and life are transformed into a no-nonsense guide for readers to learn about friendships, relationships and other self-help manuals that might possibly change your life.

  1. Someday Is Not A Day In The Week

Get inspirational insights and practical advice to make the best of your life with CEO Sam Horn's motivational guide backed with real-world examples. Inspired by her dad whose lifelong dream was to visit all the National Parks in the world after retirement but succumbed to a stroke, Sam realises that life is too precious to postpone. In short, snappy chapters, find out how to stop procrastinating and start doing.

  1. The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose
    Everyone has a purpose in life and Oprah Winfrey believes that one's real job in life is to figure out your own calling and honour it in the best way possible.Through her wisdom, she shares her guide for activating your deepest vision and a framework for creating success and significance.


A good book can do just about anything - it offers you a respite from reality and expands your mind. Now that you’ve got these interesting titles sieved out, the only question now is - which book should you start on first?

If you’ve got a book recommendation, we’d love to know! Simply let us know what are some of your best reads and you could stand to win a new addition to your library.

Happy reading!