Foundation Chinese Language For Pri Schools (FCLPS) Activty Book 6A

By Curriculum Planning and Development Division

课本采用单元制,每课分成导入/强化,核心及深广三部分。华语语文能力较弱的学生,可以先读导入/强化部分,所有学生都必须学习核心单元,语文能力较强的学生则可进一步修读深广部分。 The modular approach of this Textbook series caters to different learning abilities. Each lesson comprises bridging/reinforcement, core and enrichment modules. Weaker learners study the bridging module (Foundation Version) in order to help them catch up with the normal learners. All learners are required to study core module. Pupils with higher learning abilities can study the enrichment module (Higher Chinese Version) to challenge themselves further.
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