Happy Practice Chinese Pri 1A 小学华文快乐练习 P1A

By Shi, Bin

本练习是配合2015年最新小一华文课本《欢乐伙伴》所编写的强化练习。 紧扣所有课文,每一课附有一个练习,每三课一个复习,共三个复习。每个练习都有学习目标,练习依学习目标而设。练习也包含评量表让学生自我评估。《快乐练习》附有笔画及偏旁部首名称表,共学生参考。 This enrichment series is based on the Chinese Language for Primary Schools (Huan Le Huo Ban) textbooks and activity books. It enhances the learning of the Chinese language and each practice is closely based on the Textbook. The learning objectives of each practice are stated clearly and used to develop the questions. Rubrics are included at the end of each practice, allowing pupils to evaluate their progress. Additionally, a table listing the terms of strokes, radical and components of Chinese characters is provided for pupil’s reference.
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